Villas for sale in TellapurAccording to a recent poll, 86.8% of respondents prefer to live in their own house or villa.

The Covid-19-caused epidemic and ensuing lockdown drastically impacted our way of life. While the desire to possess a haven became stronger than ever, the requirements that came with it changed dramatically. The shifting tastes of today’s house buyers have had a huge impact on their buying and investment decisions as we gradually adjust to the ‘new normal.

Independent houses are in high demand as a result of the growing demand for low-density living combined with the necessary social separation measures.

In the online poll with over 3000 people found that the majority of respondents feel the need to have their garden or backyard grass, clearly indicating recent changes in consumer mood. Privacy was also cited as an essential factor by survey respondents. Completely-owned residences are developing as the most sought-after category to incorporate the options related to wide spaces as well as exclusivity; the desire is further confirmed by 86.8% of respondents wanting to live in an independent house or a villa.

The trend of working from home has resulted in fundamentally shifting needs. Home buyers are now prepared to relocate a bit further from the city center to purchase residences that meet their requirements. A property on the outskirts with good connections guarantees a cleaner, healthier living as well as the necessary space to offer villas with private gardens. For example, following the pandemic epidemic, markets such as Hyderabad and Bengaluru have seen a significant shift in these tendencies. While between April and June 2020, Hyderabad sold 100 premium units ranging from Rs 5 crore to Rs 12 crore, including properties on the outskirts of the city, the Bengaluru real estate market has seen increased demand for larger homes and a renewed interest in villas in gated communities, which are currently seen as safer places to live.

According to a recent survey, demand for planned projects is increasing, since self-owned dwellings (villas or row houses) provide greater social separation. Another research includes expansion of the options for homeowners searching for Grade A developers. Plotted developments also offer multiple benefits from an investment standpoint, including potentially high returns on land investment, relative affordability compared to built-up real estate, and especially proposed infrastructure projects in city outskirts, creating a compelling case for investing in land now. Landed properties and independent houses were also chosen the greatest real estate investment choice by 79 percent of poll respondents, with the majority preferring to have an independent home on their land.

Villa living is the new way to go, as it meets a slew of consumer wants and offers a slew of advantages. A huge independent home with the maximum privacy and security, as well as open areas and needed utilities near by is a dream home that one wishes for.

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