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The first step towards Immigration Process is to create an Express Entry profile. In this post, we share expert advice on how to properly prepare your profile and increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence.

Your profile must be filled out correctly so that you have the best chance of receiving an invitation to apply. Continue reading for our best advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes we see when meeting with clients who have created their Express Entry profiles.

1. Check your entries twice.
It is critical to check your profile entries twice or three times to ensure that the information you have entered is correct. A simple typo on an English exam score or a date of birth can significantly affect your Comprehensive Ranking System points.

2. Recognize your CRS Ranking score.
You should calculate your CRS ranking score independently based on your situation, and then compare your calculated score to the score generated automatically by the EE profile system. Errors in data entry can result in faulty profile scores, which means that every action taken after submitting the profile will be inaccurate as well. When you submit an e-APR and are not qualified, this results in a variety of issues ranging from wasted time and opportunity to lost time and money. It’s critical to understand your situation from the start so that you can take meaningful action to create the future you want, rather than waiting for a future that will never come because your profile was flawed in some way.

3. Take the IELTS General Test rather than the Academic Test.
If you take the IELTS exam, make sure you take the General test rather than the Academic test. The academic IELTS is not recognized for Canadian immigration purposes.

4. For Express Entry, you must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
To obtain points through the Comprehensive Ranking System, your educational history must be verified by an Educational Credential Assessment. You won’t know how many points you’ll receive for your education until you receive the ECA report, because the points are assigned based on how your education compares to the Canadian education system.

5. Skilled workers should apply – even if they only have a few points for education.
Although many qualified tradespeople will not obtain a high CRS ranking due to the loss of all educational points, there are Express Entry Draws only for the Federal Skilled Trades Program approximately twice a year, and the points are required for an invitation to apply are usually much lower than in other streams.

6. Impact on family composition has an impact on eligibility.
Changes in your family composition will have an impact on your Express Entry eligibility. If you marry, become common law, separate or divorce, or have a change in the number of children in your family, please update your profile as soon as possible to ensure that your online data is accurate.

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