A lipoma is a non-cancerous bump or an abnormal accumulation of fatty tissues that usually develops between the skin surface and the muscular tissues. They mostly appear either on the trunk of the body, the neck, hips, upper arms or in the armpit areas, however this is not a rule and they can manifest in any other part of the body. Their causes are still ambiguous; nevertheless, there has been a noticed genetic predisposition to these skin lesions.

Lipoma symptoms are characterised by their mobility and soft, jelly-like consistency; their shape is relatively spherical, are usually small ranging from 1 to 3 cm in size, mainly preserving this capacity or slowly developing throughout life. Lipoma are painless, benign skin lesions that do not cause any discomfort except when they get infected, present pus and acute pain or are simply unaesthetic – this is when patients usually resort to removal surgery procedures. For more details on Lipoma Removal visit Scriptcafe

The procedure is simple, quick and can be performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic under the close supervision of our surgeon, who has accumulated a vast experience in the field over the years.

Human bodies are prone to develop odd growths and concentrations of cells. Lipomas are among the most common and least dangerous of these. They are almost always made up of benign and harmless fatty cells. They typically grow slowly and pose little serious risk. They can be uncomfortable or embarrassing, however. Fortunately, their removal is generally a very simple process.

Usually, a doctor will employ minor surgery for lipoma removal. This involves cleaning the skin above the lipoma, followed by the administration of a local anesthetic. A surgical incision is made, and the lipoma is removed from the surrounding tissue. It is typically a simple process, as lipomas do not normally invade adjacent tissues.

Few risks are associated with such a simple surgical procedure. A few patients develop infections at the site of the incision which might require treatment with antibiotics.

A small number of patients experience adverse reactions to the local anesthetic or antiseptics used during the procedure but such allergies are very rare. Stitches may be required to close the incision and some pain is common at or near the site of the incision. Itching and tingling may occur as the wound heals.

Cosmetic concerns may arise as a result of lipoma removal. These growths can require an incision of up to two inches in length. Careful preparation of the area and diligent care after surgery can minimize the amount of scarring resulting from such a procedure, however. Some small amount of scar tissue is still apt to form. This may be an issue when the procedure is done on highly visible part of the body.

The two other procedures commonly used for lipoma removal are steroid treatment and liposuction. The chief drawback of both of these procedures is that they often fail to completely remove the lipoma which will continue to slowly grow after the procedure. Also, some patients react poorly to steroid injections.

The average cost of Lipoma Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

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