Mahindra XUV 500 Overview

The Mahindra XUV500 has been a run away success since its launch. This SUV was launched in 2011 and recently it got a facelift. The Mahindra XUV500 was one of the most feature loaded vehicle and now it comes with a lot more features and more trim options as well. The Mahindra XUV500 looks more appealing, more feature loaded and is now even available with a diesel engine option as well. Apply car loan for Mahindra XUV500.

This has been a revolutionary product in its segment and Mahindra has done a good job of evolving the design and even addition of new features. This was the first SUV in its segment to come with LEDs, touchscreen system, monocoque chassis and front wheel drive. The 2.2-litre mHawk engine produces about 140bhp of power and it comes with six-speed transmission. The new automatic transmission also on the XUV500 is highly efficient with smooth shifts and has good response too.

Mahindra XUV 500 Design & Style

Since the beginning, the Mahindra XUV500 has always been known for its cheetah-like front face which looks menacing and aggressive in a good way. The SUV has immense road presence and it certainly looks eye-catchy in most colours. The 2015 model comes with a new bonnet which is slightly contoured to give it a fresh appeal. The grille is also new and it is a glossy black unit finished in chrome while the bumper has been redesigned and there is a faux skid plate for that macho feel. The positioning of the fog lamps has been tweaked and now the lamps are placed at a slightly higher position and come in L-shaped enclosures. Another impressive addition is static bending headlights that also come with S-shaped LED parking lights that double up as DRLs. The bonnet now gets new hydraulic-assisted struts.

The side profile is largely the same and there are hardly any changes been made here. The design of the alloy wheels has been changed and the 2015 XUV500 gets 10-spoke wheels. The window surrounds now get a chrome trim which looks rather nice and premium in a subtle way. Moving to the rear, the changes are hardly noticeable. The number plate holder gets chrome while the tailgate is also mildly tweaked. The revised tail lights lose the over the top motifs but not completely. The lower part of the ORVMs comes with projector lights that flash ‘XUV500’ on the road surface and honestly this looks a bit unnecessary. The SUV is available in the following colours – Sunset Orange, Pearl White, Opulent Purple, Volcano Black, Tuscan Red, Dolphin Grey and Moondust Silver.

Mahindra XUV 500 Cabin & Comfort

True to the expectations built up with exteriors, interiors are also given high importance. The same is indicated through the features provided. Entering the car is easy and gives sense of uniqueness with the paw styled handles. The wide opening door helps easy entry to even large bodied persons also.Once seated in driver seat, one can observe the unique detailing given to dashboard. The plastic quality used is very good and so is the sporty twin pod instrument cluster. Chrome lining runs parallel to music system and the center panel right front end of dashboard till the conveniently placed cool box. The steering is mounted with voice command-activated audio controls and cruise control.

The glove box has two compartments – the top part for holding small things and in the lower part, there is provision of putting laptop in a safe position. This is an important requirement in modern cars as most of the car owners have a laptop as standard luggage. The blower vents are designed in a fashion to spread cool breeze efficiently.In the center panel first thing one notice is the 6”infotainment display. It’s a colored touch screen in W8/W8AWD variant and Monochrome in W6. The top end model also features GPS Navigation with touch screen and audio support. Integrated music system is available in both variant with CD, MP3, iPOD & USB connectivity. DVD Player is available in W8/W8AWD variant and DIS in-built infotainment available in both the variants. Some of the readings that can be read from infotainment display are the mileage, distance to empty, tyre pressure condition, Reverse assist, FM Radio selection, Alerts and Service reminders.

With respect to upholstery, premium fabric seats are available in W6 variant, while the W8/W8AWD features leather upholstery. The quality of upholstery is good and does give a sense of luxury with its fine cushioning and finishing.8 way adjustable seats including height and lumbar support are available for the driver and hence ensure best of positioning, comfort of driver for long drives.Check for Mahindra XUV500 in Agropedia

Mahindra XUV 500 Engine & Transmission

In terms of the mechanicals, there’s nothing radically different on the revised XUV. It still runs the same 138bhp 2.2-litre, mHawk engine and buyers still have the option to choose between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The notchy-in-operation six-speed gearbox is the same too, but final gearing has been revised to aid in-town driveability. While we didn’t find a drastic change in the way the XUV drives, it did feel more responsive to throttle inputs in lower gears. What helps here is the clutch that is more progressive and a lot easier to modulate now. Owners will be happy to note, ARAI-tested fuel economy figures are up 0.9kpl to 16kpl. Helping in part here is a ‘smart’ alternator that decouples when it detects the fully charged battery, thus reducing load on the engine.

Improvements have been made to the XUV’s dynamics too. The steering, dampers, springs and anti-roll bars have been optimised while Bosch’s latest ESP system has also been drafted in. While the smooth surface of Mahindra’s Chakan test track wasn’t ideal to pass a definitive judgment on ride quality, we did find a marked reduction in the unnerving nose dive under hard braking and torque steer in heavy acceleration. But before you think otherwise, the XUV is still not perfect in this department. The front-wheel-drive version is prone to understeer and strong steering kickback remains an unresolved issue. For more information on XUV 500 check AutoZhop

Mahindra XUV 500 Driving Dynamics

The XUV500 drives and feels like a proper big SUV and this is one of the reasons of its success. However, in order to take things forward in a better way, the company has incorporated lot of feedbacks from its customers. There were complaints about the old XUV500 not being very stable at high speeds. Mahindra has solved this by stiffening up the front suspension and the anti-roll bars. This has changed the dynamics of the XUV500 significantly. The overall ride quality is on the stiffer side and that means the handling department has improved marginally. I went over quite a few potholes in the pre-monsoon Mumbai roads, but surprisingly, didn’t get tossed around much. The steering weighs up correctly but there is a room for improvement. There is a great deal of body roll, but that is part and parcel of driving an SUV.

It didn’t take time to get used to the facelifted XUV500 but under braking, I thought I was in a new car. The brakes are sharper and you get the bite right from the start but there was some play in the pedal and that needs to be addressed. The car comes with the latest generation of ESP from Bosch which offers more than enough control under hard braking. The 235/65 Duelers from Bridgestone performed well and on the wet surface offered great grip. These tyres emitted lot of noise, irrespective of whether it was a tarmac road or the cement. I wasn’t a big fan of the NVH levels of the XUV500. There is a big room for improvement in this department.

Mahindra XUV 500 Safety Features

The XUV 500’s safety features include Rollover Mitigation, Electronic Stability Program, ABS with EBD and Hill Descent and Hill Control. The Rollover Mitigation safety feature allows you to identify possible dangerous driving conditions which may result in the rolling over of the vehicle. The feature allows the ESP system to interfere and control the vehicle speed before the situation gets to its worst resulting in a reestablished stability. The XUV 500 also provides the drivers and passengers with optimum safety through its six air bag reinforcement. The side airbags, driver and passenger airbags and curtain airbags protect you from any harm. The XUV 500’s body includes side impact beams and considerably located crumple zones. These beams not only absorb crash energy but also the surrounding energy of the passenger compartment. In fact, the vehicle outstandingly passed the crash tests that are created according to European standards.

Aside from the safety and crash tests, the vehicle prototypes undergo a thorough dynamic testing in Australia, South Africa and across Europe. There were also critical weather tests being conducted in China and Sweden. These tests are just a few of the many part-integration tests that the vehicle has gone through conducted in many other countries of the world including the USA. After 2.5 million km of testing and validation, the vehicle was permitted for production.

Mahindra XUV 500 Cost in Bangalore

Mahindra Xuv500 On-Road Price in Bangalore ranges from 16,08,271 to 24,47,533 for variants XUV500 W5 and XUV500 W11 O AWD AT respectively. Mahindra Xuv500 is available in 12 variants and 7 colours. Below are details of Mahindra Xuv500 variants price in Bangalore. Check for XUV 500 price in Bangalore at Carzprice.

Mahindra XUV 500 Round Up

We were way off. With an impossibly high gadget count we all expected prices to be in the region of 14-15 lakh rupees and were left shell shocked when the Mahindra XUV500 price in India of Rs 11.88 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai flashed up on screen for the fully loaded W8. This is phenomenal value for money and with the range starting at Rs 10.73 lakh for the W6 (no ESP, two airbags, no GPS, no alloys) and going up to Rs 12.81 lakh for the all-wheel-drive variant, success of the XUV500 is all but guaranteed. Don’t get us wrong though, the XUV won’t sell just because of its pricing. The package is everything we hoped it would be – and more. Great styling, a great cabin, safety features, quick, efficient, refined, comfortable – apart from a quirky name the XUV has everything going for it. If Mahindra can quickly sand out the few rough edges and ensure consistent and high quality levels they have a winner on hand.

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