Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Overview

Maruti Suzuki has launched a special edition Alto K10 in India today called the K10 plus. This special edition hatchback gets plenty of new features which are missing in the standard variant.Maruti introduced the K10 which is the premium variant of their entry level Alto 800 hatchback. The Alto K10 powered by a slightly more powerful 1.0 Litre petrol unit, and it also gets an AMT Transmission as well. The K10 competes directly with the Alto KWID 1.0 Litre unit and the Hyundai Eon 1.0 Litre in the Indian market.This special edition Alto K10 Plus is only offered in the VXi trim and gets a total of ten new features. Request a test drive for Alto K10 in Tryaldrive

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Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Exterior

This change has, for sure, bought a lot more buyers for the new Maruti Suzuki Alto. Let us see what changes the engineers, have bought, in this detailed review.The previous Alto K10 had the old Alto shape, which has been completely phased out. The exterior of the Alto K10 now looks sufficiently different than the Alto 800 from both, the rear and the front even though it is the same under its skin.

The headlamps have grown bigger and bolder with a distinguishing front grille with a thick chrome slate and the ‘S’ shape symbol of Suzuki in-between. The lower air dams are black and do look smarter than its previous design.The side profile also looks a bit different with a black-fibre strip right in the center and what we could see was the rear window had reduced in dimensions .

The door panels also get blackened and this black touch all over the car makes the exterior look a bit sporty.The rear also gets bigger tail lamps, which are somewhat different than the Alto 800. The number plate slot has moved down to the bumper while it appears that the rear hatch door as well as the tail lamps have been flattened a bit to give it a look of a big sized car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Interior

The cabin of the Alto K10 is simple, while still portraying a sense of practicality and precision in the equipment list. The steering wheel is slim, grips well   and looks good with the Suzuki badge and smiley face-shaped silver embellishment. Though the steering cannot be adjusted at all, an inconvenience for tall people but its placement is pretty good for an average-sized and heighted driver. The instrument cluster is a no nonsense analog display that displays the speed at the centre and rpm on the left. All this is set in a black and orange background with small indicators on the right and a puny digital display to show the odometer and trip readings.

The dashboard layout gets many cuts and creases to avoid the boxy design and looks sleek especially due to the piano black coloured integrated music system with glossy finish. The 2-DIN unit gets a CD player with support for AUX and USB, but misses out on the bluetooth function. The aircon unit is still a stock MSIL unit like on some of the other entry-level cars from Maruti Suzuki, but is revised slightly to push up the premium factor. The vents at the centre are in plain black, while the circular vents on the sides get silver accents. The AC controls are still analog, but the quality of the knobs doesn’t feel plasticky/inexpensive. There is a small slot below this area, where a wallet and mobile phone can easily be accommodated. The seat fabric colour is in line with the beige and black upholstery and the front seats are well carved out for a passenger to be comfortable in. In fact, these seats are scooped out at the back to add to some leg room for the rear passengers. The rear bench type seat is only good for two adults and a kid, with limited leg room. Like the front windows, the rear windows are not electronically operated and none of the doors get bottle holders. The only cup-holder is in the centre console between the front two seats.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Engine

The Alto K10 gets a 1.0-litre engine which is mated with a five-speed manual gear box and producing 67bhp and 90Nm of power.This three-cylinder engine has good power but most of it is delivered at high rpm. One needs to revv the engine to extract the best performance from it. For those quick overtaking moves, one has to downshift. Driving in city is easy and one doesn’t have to shift a lot of gears in traffic.

The engine has a good punch and it doesnt feel running out of juice on highways.The engine’s NVH levels are also low. This engine also powers the Wagon R and the Celerio, but as this body is lighter, the performance is much better.Maruti Suzuki also offers a five-speed AMT transmission just like the Celerio. The performance of this engine is blunted with the AMT, but what you get is a relaxed drive. A step taken forward by Maruti Suzuki is that it also offers the same engine with a CNG option, which is a smart move by the Maruti, as the cost of running comes down, however there is no boot left. If you ask me, CNG is used for city driving and so is AMT, but both aren’t offered together.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Rideing

The steering is heavy and has got a lot of play, making the driver move his hands a lot while steering the car at low speeds. The car is stable at high speeds, but the vibrations demand the car to be driven at moderate speeds. A generous amount of torque is available in plenty in the mid-range, making city driving and cruising a relaxed affair. The car’s 160mm ground clearance might not be the best-in-class, but is good enough to take the bumps and bad patches on roads. When the car enters a pothole, the usual ‘thud’ is quite evident. So the NVH levels could have been better, but they are not that bad to cause an inconvenience to the passengers. Furthermore, the front wheels feature disc brakes and the rear wheels are equipped with drum brakes. The braking ability astonished me as there is a good feedback and bite from the brakes that help stopping the car confidently even at high speeds.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Safety

In terms of safety, this car keeps you completely safe and alert while driving. This car is loaded with safety and convenience features like driver-side air bag for the driver?s protection upon impact, fog lamps to ensure clarity while driving in foggy/rainy conditions or at night; including certain convenience features for a comfortable drive ? the ORVMs can be adjusted from the inside, easily accessible power windows in the front with switches located on the floor console, utility spaces over the glove-box and the console, and nonetheless this Alto k10 now comes with a key-less entry feature, which is all new for the Alto.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Price in Bangalore

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Ex-Showroom Price in Bangalore ranges from 3,37,988/- (Alto K10 LX) to 4,19,798/- (Alto K10 VXI AGS Optional). Get best offers for Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 from Maruti Suzuki Dealers in Bangalore. check for Alto k10 price in Bangalore at Carzprice

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Verdict

This is not the car for someone looking for a spacious vehicle or even the variant for someone who wants safety features like ABS and airbags. The other VXi (O) variant gets a driver-side airbag, but doesn’t come equipped with the AMT gearbox. Hopefully, this VXi AT variant should also come equipped with the safety features in the near future as they have to comply with the stringent safety standards set in place by the Indian government.There are many entry-level hatchbacks like the Tata Nano, Datsun Go and even the Alto 800 that come at a reasonable price. In comparison, the Alto K10 looks good, has a better interior, doesn’t miss much on the features list, is powered by a powerful engine, has an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 24.07kmpl and gets an AMT gearbox. So it makes for a better prospect than some cheaper cars and justifies the price of Rs 3.95 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for a first-time car buyer or a second car in a family.

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